Implementation - Grifco Process Hierarchy cycle

Implementation – it’s finally “Go Time”, the execution of all of the plans from each of the previous steps.

While it is very tempting to do so before positioning or training is complete, we find that “starting anywhere and going everywhere” philosophy, leaving abilities and methodology still in question amounts to continuing down the unclear or even blind path.

This step is where you should see the changes and adjustments fully employed to generate the outcomes fulfill the vision.

Implementation puts process to the test, where all the corrections are applied. We pledge to partner in the process.

There is a danger – Paralysis by Analysis – that scrutinizes every conclusion for reasons and evidence why inaction is called for.

As implementation consultants, Grifco strategists are tasked with staying true to the client’s best interests, and build relationships on proven good faith and trust.

When analyses show a solution to be outside acceptable risk, we will express our concerns and offer alternatives.