Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting

Honestly, how well situated is your business to support your sales efforts? How smooth are the transitions, and how satisfied are customers with your process? What’s the plan for setting up one-and-done project management accounts versus those generating recurring revenue? Are you more adept at handling one or the other?

Grifco first asked these questions when we set about putting our own process hierarchy together to maximize your success. Ultimately, nothing is more vital to your business than your sales engine. Fuel the engine with professionals who ply their trade daily—with total focus and without distraction, and sales will no longer be a hindrance to growth (you can now focus on areas of your business that will profit by increased sales volume). Burden your sales force with cumbersome paperwork, multiple job responsibilities, and inefficient scheduling and reporting, and your engine fails to perform.

While new and continuing relationships are key to bringing in and maintaining deal flow and growth, it is important to foster internal relationships among those receiving the sales handoffs – before (lead generation), during (lead conversion) and after the contract is signed, sealed and delivered (service). A drop-off in revenue often find its roots here as a systemic problem. Common pitfalls we regularly see:

  1. Company operations not meeting the demands of the sales team
  • Time, manpower, tasks and budget failures
  • Pipeline too vast or too narrow for the sales force
  • Unsupported conversion process (no delineation between fronting, closing etc.)
  1. Customer service not supporting accounts properly
  • Not arriving or delivering within stated time windows
  • Not delivering on brand promises
  • High charges for bad or slow service
  1. Marketing and sales communications may not be aligned
  • Differing buyer profiles
  • No integrated message / conflict between departments
  • Feedback not shared
  • Points of contact between departments are ill-maintained or simply lacking

Sales Consulting Services
• Updated messaging: company and offerings
• Identification of pain points
• Sales Coverage Plan
• Elevator Pitches
• Value Proposition
• Competitive Overview
• Call, letter and email scripts
• Objection Handling Strategy

It’s easy to allow lines to become blurred between your sales force and the rest of your company. Defining everyone’s role plays a significant part in either success or failure. Are you ready to take the next step toward increased profitability? Contact Grifco Strategy today to discuss the state of your sales and how to revitalize your efforts.