Training via the Grifco Processing Hierarchy focuses on the tactics required to problem solve each issue discovered in all previously outlined steps and bring fluidity to your activities.

To this point, we have diagnosed the dilemmas, outlined their reach and scope, discussed the underlying complications and are in position to establish a plan of action for your personnel to overcome the obstacles.

With regard to training implementation:

Situation Assessments are meant to highlight known crises that are hampering conducting business.
Opportunity Identification will reinforce what has been working well
Deficiency Determinations will indicate course corrections.
Recommendations for where to begin and how best to allocate resources are made based on the critical opening three steps.

The goal is not simply to assess individual or departmental strengths and shortcomings, but instead to holistically answer where the company is found to be at risk and to bring cohesion and functionality moving forward. Grifco works hard to instill the importance of process and works with you to determine where training is called for, what apparatuses should be put in place and what sought after results are appropriate.